Sunday, September 9, 2012


Welcome! This blog is an outlet for me to focus on some of the things that I love to do, which include being a mommy, crafting, cooking, playing, name it! But first, here's just a snippet about me...

...First and foremost...I am a mom to four of the most amazing kids. They are my world. As is their most wonderful daddy!

...I love to keep myself busy, which isn't hard to do with four little ones running around. I'm trying to focus on finding some more "me" time, so when I do get a spare moment, I find myself doing some sort of crafting...sewing {anything from clothes to pillows}, crafting, scrapbooking, painting furniture...

...I also LOVE to take pictures and I take way too many! Thank goodness that we live in a digital world. I thrive on being in the *moment* with my kids, but I also love capturing those precious moments. One of my favorite past times is looking at pictures from the years past. It makes my heart swell with happiness to see all that my family has accomplished over the years.

...I like organization and order.  This is, obviously, pretty hard to manage in a house full of little people, and I'm beginning to embrace the craziness that is our house.  Messes and all.  But that doesn't mean that I don't strive to make this or that a little more organized for the sanity of the fam.

...I love all things pretty! I'm a sucker for browsing stores, catalogs, blogs and seeing all the lovely eye candy out there.

...I have recently found a love for decorating. I'm very much the type of person that likes to find something that I like and make it my own. Thank goodness I love to craft!

...I am a lover of smiles and a good case of the giggles. No, our house isn't full of these all of the time {tantrums and crying are definitely a regular occurrence around here}, but I do try my hardest to keep the smiles on our faces as much as possible. Seeing pure happiness on my kids faces is one of the things that I treasure most :).

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