Thursday, November 1, 2012

Halloween Costumes

Ah...the much anticipated day of Trick-or-Treating finally came! All I can say is that we have all been experiencing major sugar rush around here. It's safe to say that my love for candy has been passed on to the kiddos...but what kid doesn't love candy!
I was a busy one the days leading up to Halloween. My Noah has had his heart set on being a Magician for months.  His costume consisted of...

- a cape, which I made, with cards glued to the inside
- a thrifted shirt and pants
- a sash from leftover red fabric
- thrifted hat with red fabric wrapped around it.

He sure loved it!
Leah's costume was pretty easy to put together.  I found a darling picture of an Indian costume on Pinterest a while back, so I used that as inspiration in making her costume.  She wanted to be an Indian, but wanted a skirt to go with it, so I made this tulle skirt out of three different browns.  It turned out darling, and she just adored it!  
Then I made a cute little head piece and added some leather strips around her arms.  And, voila, the cutest little Indian you ever did see.
My two littles looked adorable in their hand-me-down costumes too.  It seems like just yesterday that the big littles were wearing them...make time stop!  

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